My Boys


Hey y'all!  I'm Andrea- mom, daughter, wife, friend and photographer.  I'm a fun-loving, big-hearted, colorful gal who loves Mexican food & movie nights and is over the moon in love with my hubby and our two boys.  We enjoy playdates, traveling, yoga, doing artsy crafty things, reading, going to the beach, playing with Legos & board games and just goofing around together as a family- we are super silly and love to have fun!  

I grew up in Franklin, went to college at Ole Miss in Oxford and after graduating spent my 20s living in Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.  When I was 30, my husband and I met and fell in love at first sight in New Orleans and two weeks later we were engaged and I got a promotion with my company and was relocated to New York!  Crazy, right?!  We spent a fabulous 7 years there in NY and when it was time to start a family we decided my hometown was the perfect place to do just that!  

My husband Evan and I have 2 boys- Garrison and Ford and they are the absolute sunshines of our life.  Our precious dog Sally helps me balance out our boy:girl ratio and we all just adore her!  We have a very sweet little life here in Tennessee and I'm so thankful every day for all my life's blessings. He has given me so much more than I could have ever dreamed possible.

We can behave like normal people on occasion
I love this crazy crew!

Aside from Evan and our boys my other love is photography.  Since I was a little girl I had a soft spot for cameras and was always saving my piggy bank money for rolls of film or a new flash cube.  That was in the old school days WAY before digital.  In college I loved spending time in the darkroom- it was just so magical to me, watching the negatives come to life.  I studied photojournalism and that has really influenced my portrait photography style with a natural infusion of storytelling.  

I absolutely adore the ability of a photograph to tell a story.  I truly value the opportunity to observe a season in someone's life, a special milestone or a simple moment in time that will otherwise slip away and be forgotten as life hurries on and time continues to be fleeting.  Photographs have the power to capture moments in time so that we can relive and rejoice in them time and time again.  Children grow so fast and slip seamlessly from one sweet phase to another and its so important to capture the magic and all that is so special from each chapter. It's your life story. The opportunity to tell this story through photographs is truly powerful and it is an honor I do not take lightly.

My photography style is colorful, casual, fun, fresh and timeless.  I really hope to make people at ease so that your true genuine personalities can shine through. Because these portraits are about YOU and the people in your life you love more than anything else in the world.  These portraits will fill your walls and your home with light and love, smiling faces and wonderful, happy memories. What I most love focusing on is relationships, a family's love for one another and bringing out the best from within each of you so that your portraits portray your authentic selves at your very very best.  

I can't wait to hear all about you and your loved ones and getting to know what makes you who you are. Let’s begin our adventure together!

- Andrea

Life gets busy- dishes, laundry, sick days, homework and just ‘everyday life’ keeps us all on our toes. Every now and then it’s so important to slow down, take a breath and look at all the magic that lies in the simple everyday things that are so easy to take for granted.


Some of my Favorite Things:

a grilled cheese & a bowl of my Dad’s world-famous chili

mexican food- why can’t every day be Taco Tuesday!?

fall- the colors, sweaters & corduroys, comfort food, football season, the weather, all of it!

summers spent at the beach

date nights with my adorable hubby

bright vibrant cheerful colors- I love splashes of color

a day on the lake, canoeing & rafting, the ocean, relaxing at my in-laws' cottage on the river... there's just something about being by the water

converse sneakers

a good netflix movie & a bowl of popcorn

camping out under a starry sky

dinners out with my girlfriends, laughing until our bellies hurt

a rainy afternoon reading in a bookstore

seeing new (to me) parts of the world- have passport, will travel!

anything sweet or salty- or both- nomnomnom

laughing- oh how I love a good joke! Remind me to tell you the one about the nosy pepper!

reading- I'm a nerd at heart and proud of it!

Legos, Soccer, Paw Patrol, Minecraft or anything else that makes my boys happy!

thank you so much to Amber at Lotus Blossom Photography for capturing these images of my family

thank you so much to Amber at Lotus Blossom Photography for capturing these images of my family